The Chromosome 7 Annotation Project
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Overlapping Transcripts on Chromosome 7

List of overlapping transcripts. The two overlapping transcriptional units and their relative orientation to each other is described (determined by NCBI Blast-2-seq). (*Imprinted genes are shown in bold, with overlapping transcript pairs shaded grey). The genomic context of the gene structures are displayed in the Genome Browser at
Strand  Gene Symbol  Gene Class  Accession #  Strand  Gene Symbol  Gene Class  Accession #  Category 
MGC11257  Known_Gene  BC006224  LOC115330  Known_Gene  BC014241  Structurally overlapping 
MGC11257  Known_Gene  BC006224  GPR30  Known_Gene  AF015257  Structurally overlapping 
FLJ39498  Known_Gene  AK096817  FLJ90562  Known_Gene  AK075043  Sense overlapping 
MAD1L1  Known_Gene  BC009964  FLJ38166  Novel_Gene  AK095485  Structurally overlapping 
KIAA1849  Known_Gene  AB058752  PAPOLB  Known_Gene  BC036653  Structurally overlapping 
KIAA1856  Known_Gene  AB058759  TNRC18  Known_Gene  U80753  Structurally overlapping 
JTV1  Known_Gene  NM_006303  HRI  Known_Gene  AB037790  Antisense overlapping 
DNAH11  Known_Gene  AJ320497  FLJ38646  Known_Gene  AK095965  Antisense overlapping 
GFR  Known_Gene  D87467  DKFZp667A016  Known_Gene  AL833195  Sense overlapping 
HOXA3_variant_2  Known_Gene  NM_153631  FLJ31668  Novel_Gene  AK056230  Antisense overlapping 
FLJ31668  Novel_Gene  AK056230  IMAGE:5180590  Known_Gene  BC035889  Sense overlapping 
IMAGE:5180590  Known_Gene  BC035889  HOXA4  Known_Gene  M74297  Antisense overlapping 
HOXA6  Known_Gene  NM_024014  FLJ34614  Known_Gene  AK091933  Antisense overlapping 
FLJ33300  Known_Gene  AK090619  LOC89231  Known_Gene  AK026768  Structurally overlapping 
KIAA0895  Known_Gene  BC028678  ANLN  Known_Gene  AF273437  Antisense overlapping 
KIAA0322  Known_Gene  AB002320  FLJ35943  Novel_Gene  AK093262  Structurally overlapping 
PKD1L1  Known_Gene  AB061683  FLJ21075  Known_Gene  NM_025031  Structurally overlapping 
PKD1L1  Known_Gene  AB061683  FLJ34738  Novel_Gene  AK092057  Antisense overlapping 
DDC  Known_Gene  M88700  FLJ32838  Novel_Gene  AK057400  Antisense overlapping 
GRB10*  Known_Gene  D86962  FLJ40093  Novel_Gene  AK097412  Structurally overlapping 
ZNF117  Known_Gene  NM_024498  H-plk  Known_Gene  M55422  Sense overlapping 
IMAGE:5093832  Known_Gene  BC027734  FLJ31298  Novel_Gene  AK055860  Structurally overlapping 
SDCR2A  Known_Gene  AK001762  hPMS6  Known_Gene  D38438  Structurally overlapping 
FLJ39672  Novel_Gene  AK096991  WBSCR17  Known_Gene  AF410457  Antisense overlapping 
POM121  Known_Gene  AB014518  WBSCR20C_variant_1  Known_Gene  NM_032158  Antisense overlapping 
POM121  Known_Gene  AB014518  WBSCR20C_variant_4  Known_Gene  NM_149379  Antisense overlapping 
PMS2L14  Known_Gene  AB017005  hPMS4  Known_Gene  D38436  Sense overlapping 
PMS2L14  Known_Gene  AB017005  BC022013  Novel_Gene  BC022013  Structurally overlapping 
PMS2L14  Known_Gene  AB017005  WBSCR20B  Known_Gene  AF416610  Structurally overlapping 
PMS2L14  Known_Gene  AB017005  PMS2L9  Known_Gene  U38979  Sense overlapping 
PMS2L14  Known_Gene  AB017005  PMS5  Known_Gene  D38437  Sense overlapping 
IMAGE:5273288  Known_Gene  BC036053  FGL2  Known_Gene  Z36531  Structurally overlapping 
AIP1  Known_Gene  NM_012301  MGC:34774  Novel_Gene  BC027852  Structurally overlapping 
AIP1  Known_Gene  NM_012301  AF521131  Partial_Gene  AF521131  Structurally overlapping 
DMTF1  Known_Gene  AF084530  MGC4175  Known_Gene  BC002837  Antisense overlapping 
ABCB1  Known_Gene  M14758  RPIB9  Known_Gene  NM_138290  Structurally overlapping 
MCFP  Known_Gene  AF125531  ASK  Known_Gene  AB028069  Antisense overlapping 
FLJ32110  Novel_Gene  AK056672  MGC:26647  Known_Gene  BC028365  Structurally overlapping 
GNGT1  Known_Gene  BC030956  TFPI2  Known_Gene  AK092499  Antisense overlapping 
PPP1R9A*  Known_Gene    FLJ33602  Novel_Gene    Antisense overlapping 
IMAGE:3842949  Known_Gene  BC013888  FLJ30064  Novel_Gene  AK054626  Structurally overlapping 
IMAGE:3842949  Known_Gene  BC013888  IMAGE:3350750  Novel_Gene  BC000204  Structurally overlapping 
TRRAP  Known_Gene  AF076974  FLJ10671  Novel_Gene  AK001533  Sense overlapping 
FLJ10671  Novel_Gene  AK001533  KIAA1625  Known_Gene  AB046845  Antisense overlapping 
G10  Known_Gene  BC022821  KIAA0632  Known_Gene  AB014532  Antisense overlapping 
ZNF38  Known_Gene  AK075324  ZNF3_variant_1  Known_Gene  NM_017715  Antisense overlapping 
AP4M1  Known_Gene  AF020796  TAF6_variant_1  Known_Gene  NM_005641  Antisense overlapping 
STAG3  Known_Gene  AJ007798  DKFZp434F086  Known_Gene  AL834317  Sense overlapping 
STAG3  Known_Gene  AJ007798  FLJ34099  Novel_Gene  AK091418  Antisense overlapping 
DKFZp434F086  Known_Gene  AL834317  FLJ34099  Novel_Gene  AK091418  Structurally overlapping 
DKFZp434F086  Known_Gene  AL834317  PILRB  Known_Gene  AF161081  Sense overlapping 
RAB-R  Known_Gene  BC017329  IRS3L  Known_Gene  AK090744  Sense overlapping 
FBXO24_variant_1  Known_Gene  NM_033506  FLJ40386  Novel_Gene  AK097705  Antisense overlapping 
FLJ40386  Novel_Gene  AK097705  PCOLCE  Known_Gene  L33799  Antisense overlapping 
MUC3B  Known_Gene  AB038783  FLJ39484  Novel_Gene  AK096803  Antisense overlapping 
FLJ40957  Novel_Gene  AK098276  FLJ13902  Known_Gene  AK023964  Sense overlapping 
POLR2J2B  Known_Gene  AJ277740  TCAG_hCT1815882  Partial_Gene  hCT1815882  Structurally overlapping 
FLJ40218  Known_Gene  AK097537  P37NB  Known_Gene  U32907  Antisense overlapping 
FLJ40218  Known_Gene  AK097537  IMAGE:5404753  Partial_Gene  BC036938  Structurally overlapping 
DKFZp434E092  Known_Gene  AL834175  S100A14  Known_Gene  NM_021039  Structurally overlapping 
PMPCB  Known_Gene  AF054182  ZRF1  Known_Gene  X98260  Antisense overlapping 
FLJ11785  Known_Gene  AF317622  TCAG_hCT1818545  Known_Gene  hCT1818545  Antisense overlapping 
COG5  Known_Gene  AF058718  GPR22  Known_Gene  U66581  Structurally overlapping 
TCAG_hCT1953978  Known_Gene  hCT1953978  LAMB4  Known_Gene  THC1142615  Sense overlapping 
IMMP2L  Known_Gene  AF359563  FLJ11129  Partial_Gene  AK001991  Structurally overlapping 
IMMP2L  Known_Gene  AF359563  TCAG_hCT1645734  Known_Gene  hCT1645734  Structurally overlapping 
ST7OT1  Known_Gene  AF400039  RAY1_variant_a  Known_Gene  AF234882  Antisense overlapping 
RAY1_variant_a  Known_Gene  AF234882  ST7OT2_variant_1  Known_Gene  AF400045  Antisense overlapping 
ST7_variant_a  Known_Gene  AY009152  ST7OT3  Known_Gene  AF400044  Sense overlapping 
CADPS2  Known_Gene  CADPS2  LOC168433  Known_Gene  AF447589  Structurally overlapping 
CADPS2  Known_Gene  CADPS2  MGC:35222  Novel_Gene  BC029264  Structurally overlapping 
p100  Known_Gene  U22055  NAG14  Known_Gene  AF196976  Structurally overlapping 
FLJ33365  Novel_Gene  AK090684  ATP6V1F  Known_Gene  D49400  Antisense overlapping 
UBE2H  Known_Gene  Z29330  CATR1  Known_Gene  U25433  Structurally overlapping 
CPA5  Known_Gene  AF384667  FLJ40591  Known_Gene  AK097910  Antisense overlapping 
MEST_isoform_2*  Known_Gene  MEST_isoform_2  MESTIT1*  Known_Gene  MESTIT1  Structurally overlapping 
MEST*  Known_Gene  D78611  COPG2  Known_Gene  AF157833  Antisense overlapping 
COPG2  Known_Gene  AF157833  COPG2IT1*  Known_Gene  COPG2IT1  Structurally overlapping 
KIAA1550  Known_Gene  AB046770  FLJ38287  Novel_Gene  AK095606  Sense overlapping 
FLJ11000  Known_Gene  AK001862  MGC5242  Known_Gene  BC000168  Antisense overlapping 
HSPC049  Known_Gene  AF161534  FLJ32860  Novel_Gene  AK057422  Structurally overlapping 
CHRM2  Known_Gene  AL832585  FLJ40151  Partial_Gene  AK097470  Structurally overlapping 
ATP6V0A4_variant_1  Known_Gene  NM_020632  FLJ31279  Partial_Gene  AK055841  Antisense overlapping 
CGI-74  Known_Gene  AF151832  pp12708  Novel_Gene  AF318327  Structurally overlapping 
THC1179197  Known_Gene  THC1179197  HIPK2  Known_Gene  AF208291  Sense overlapping 
FLJ40852  Known_Gene  AK098171  THC1158528  Novel_Gene  THC1158528  Antisense overlapping 
EPHA1  Known_Gene  M18391  DKFZp686O0656  Known_Gene  AL833583  Structurally overlapping 
DKFZp686O0656  Known_Gene  AL833583  TAS2R41  Novel_Gene  AF494232  Structurally overlapping 
TCAG_hCT1964447  Known_Gene  hCT1964447  DKFZp667J212  Known_Gene  AL832862  Sense overlapping 
FLJ12700  Known_Gene  NM_024910  FLJ32307  Novel_Gene  AK056869  Structurally overlapping 
TCAG_hCT7210  Known_Gene  hCT7210  FLJ36112  Known_Gene  AK093431  Sense overlapping 
LR8  Known_Gene  BC004358  HCA112  Known_Gene  BC008303  Structurally overlapping 
NOS3  Known_Gene  M95296  FLJ14885  Novel_Gene  AK027791  Antisense overlapping 
CENTG3  Known_Gene  AF359283  FLJ34452  Known_Gene  AK091771  Structurally overlapping 
NUB1  Known_Gene  AF300717  FLJ32062  Known_Gene  AK056624  Antisense overlapping 
TCAG_hCT10662  Partial_Gene  hCT10662  LOC285975  Known_Gene  XM_212109  Structurally overlapping 
FLJ32047  Novel_Gene  AK056609  PAXIP1L  Known_Gene  U80735  Antisense overlapping 
IMAGE:5287138  Partial_Gene  BC031272  HTR5A  Known_Gene  AF498985  Antisense overlapping 
PTPRN2_variant_1  Known_Gene  NM_002847  IMAGE:4475530  Novel_Gene  BC034557  Structurally overlapping 
VIPR2  Known_Gene  X95097  IMAGE:4903629  Novel_Gene  BC024307  Antisense overlapping