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# Unique IDKaryotypePhenotypeCytogenetic Break FromCytogenetic Break ToMolecular Breakpoint #1Molecular Breakpoint #2Pubmed IDPatient ID          Comments          
1 21480499_0100 4?,XY arr 7p21.3(8,144,214–8,497,4 30)x3 mat,15q24.1(72,536,068–72,5 47,876)x3 mat [hg18] autism, language problems, developmental delay, sensory problems, hyperactivity, large head circumference, intellectual disability p21.3 p21.3 rs17330124/r s3807843 rs10486229/r s6959225 21480499 17122-0100, maternal cousin of 0101 ~349kb duplication; NXPH1, ICA1 discussed as candidate genes; sibling with autism, maternal uncle has autistic features Edit