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# Unique IDKaryotypePhenotypeCytogenetic Break FromCytogenetic Break ToMolecular Breakpoint #1Molecular Breakpoint #2Pubmed IDPatient ID          Comments          
1 16470794_1 46, XX, del(7)(q31.2q32.2)(D7S486-, D7S522-) de novo, WBS inv-2 speech-language disorder (developmental verbal dyspraxia), autism-like, dysmorphic features, mild developmental delay, unable to cough/sneeze/l augh spontaneously q31.2 q32.2 D7S471/ CIT-D-2023N18 RP11-35B6/ D7S530 16470794, 17033973 13583; patient 4 [17033973] 15-Mb deletion of paternal origin; 51 known genes deleted, including FOXP2, CFTR, CORTB2, KCND2, CADPS2, SPAM1, GRM8 and PAX4; Zeesman et al., ASHG2004, Program #738 Edit