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Tracks Built into this Server

No additional information available.

Cytogenetic Bands
Cytogenetic banding

Genetic Markers
Genetic Markers

FISH Clones
Clone mapping location confirmed by FISH

Breakpoints (Trans/Inv)
Cytogenetic data

Breakpoints (Del/Others)
Cytogenetic data

TCAG Assembly
Chromosome 7 project sequence assembly information

Clone Coverage
Public clone coverage

Gap in sequence/assembly

Structural Features
Chromosome structural feature

TCAG Annotations
Chromosome 7 project gene annotation

TCAG Annotations (without variants)
Same as TCAG Annotation Track, but don't have transcript variants

CpG Islands
CpG islands detected by EMBOSS CpG report program (a cutoff value of 200 was used)

RefSeq Genes
NCBI RefSeq gene annotation

Full-length complementary DNA sequence

EnsEMBL Genes
Ensembl gene annotation

TIGR EST Clusters
EST gene clusters from TIGR

EST sequences from NCBI dbEST were aligned using PSLayout

Gene Predictions
A set of predicted genes generated by hmmgene or genscan, as labeled.
Hmmgene predicts only exons, which are represented in blue.
Genscan also predicts promoters (in red) and PolyA signals (in green).
Introns and inter-element sequence are represented as black 'arcs'.
Note that these are only batch predictions and are in no way curated.

UniSTS Markers
Unique sequence tagged site

BAC Ends
BAC end sequence data obtained from the TIGR human BAC end database was used for clone mapping

Segmental Duplications
Intrachromosomal (red) and Interchromosomal (blue) segmental duplications

Mouse Syntenic Anchors
Celera mouse syntenic anchors (conserved DNA segments between human and mouse)

No additional information available.

Common repeats as identified by RepeatMasker


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